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The Home of Blood$ells
Welcome. We are Blood$ells and this is our lovely website. It is here that you will find photos of us, info about our music and general crap that people our age churn out. But who, or indeed what, are Blood$ells. Well, we're a band, you idiot.
What's new?
Well, it was fun, and I've learnt a lot of things from it, but this shitty old Freeservers site is at the end of the road. I must admit, I enjoyed making it, even if those Freeservers templates were really annoying. But I've got a new site now, so any efforts are going in to that. This ol' heap will still be here though, minus the guestbook. This is Dr Newstead, signing out...
Last Update (ever) 17/12/02
A Band?
Yes. We consist of:

Ollie Webb - Lead vocals & rhythm
Big T.E Clips - 7 string
Kenny Kain - Bass & backing vocals
Dr Newstead - Drums

We enjoy metal, from Metallica to Machine Head, Carcass to Cypress Hill and System Of A Down to Sepultura. Oh, and Webb likes Sum 41...

What's in this website then?
We've got a photo gallery of us and our adoring road-crew and fans. We've got a full discography, biographies of each band member, band interviews, gig reviews, merchandising, a guestbook for you to sign and, should I get hold of a video camera, some live footage. And of course, any suggestions would be gratefully received.
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